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GAWA Annual International Watercolor Online Contest - 2019 Result

GAWA Annual International Watercolor Online Contest - 2019 was the 2nd annual contest organized by Global Association of Watercolor Artists (GAWA). This contest provided a wonderful opportunity to watercolor artists around the world to showcase their artistic talent on an international level without the restrictions of specific size, theme or style. In all, 202 shortlisted artists from 41 countries participated in this juried event with 312 images of their watercolor paintings.

Our awards include 16 cash awards of total $4300 USD, art materials sponsored by 'Mijello Mission Gold Watercolors', Art Lounge and e-certificates.

The Jury Team

GAWA Annual International Watercolor Online Contest - 2019 has been juried by the following eminent watercolor masters from different parts of the world.

Laurie Goldstein-Warren

Laurie Goldstein-Warren 

United States

Meeta Dani

Meeta Dani

India / Canada

Ona Kingdon

Ona Kingdon

Canada / United Kingdom

Richard Tiejun Chao

Richard Tiejun Chao

China / Australia

The Winners

'Best Of The Show' Award ($800 + art materials + e-certificate)

'Reason of Light' by Junsung Back (South Korea)

JUNSUNG BACK (South Korea) for 'Reason of Light'

Judges' remarks: This painting, 'Reason of Light', by Junsung Back is showcasing artist's strong command over compositional skills along with his technical expertise over the medium. The boldness of the strokes, perfect use of colors, a well-thought balance of light and shadows, and masterful use of watercolor techniques are in all making this painting stand out from the rest.

'Best Of Category' Awards ($500 + e-ertificate each)

'Meat and Potatoes Man' by Kathleen S. Giles (United States)

'Best of Portrait/Figurative' award

Kathleen S. Giles (United States) for 'Meat and Potatoes Man'

Judges' remarks: The brilliant composition and lighting in the painting, 'Meat and Potatoes Man' by Kathleen S. Giles, is outstanding. The artist has incorporated a well-thought balance of light and shadows, and masterful use of watercolor techniques to make this painting stand out from the rest. The mixed expressions on the man's face is making the painting further interesting.

'Arctic Winter' by Jan Min (Netherlands)

'Best of Landscape' award
Jan Min (Netherlands) for 'Arctic Winter'

Judges' remarks: The emotional impact, and calmness in this watercolor painting by Jan Min is highly impressive. A wonderful combination of simplicity, technical precision, and clever use of compositional elements is making this painting eye catching in many ways.

‘Turnips’ by Ada Florek (France)

'Best of Still-life' award
Ada Florek (France) for ‘Turnips’

Judges' remarks: This still-life painting, ‘Turnips’, by Ada Florek speaks aloud of her mastery in watercolor techniques and powerful compositional skills. The textures on the wooden surface and the bold use of red on the background is making this painting very eye catching.

'Koi' by Mikhail Starchenko (Russia)

'Best of Wildlife' award 
Mikhail Starchenko (Russia) for 'Koi'

Judges' remarks: This painting, 'Koi', by Mikhail Starchenko is showcasing artist's technical expertise over the medium. The ripples and reflections in the water is simply brilliant . This painting of Koi fishes is exceptional is many ways.     

‘Lavender Roses’ by Deepti Singh (India)

'Best of Floral/Botanical' award
Deepti Singh (India) for ‘Lavender Roses’

Judges' remarks: 'Lavender Roses' by Deepti Singh is a gorgeous painting with soft petals of the delicate roses. The bud in-between the flowers especially caught the eyes of the judges.

'Honorable Mention' Awards ($100 + art material + e-certificate each)

‘Rainy Evening in Paris’ by Steven Kozar (United States)

'Best hyper-realistic painting' award
Steven Kozar (United States) for ‘Rainy Evening in Paris’

Judges' remarks: This highly realistic painting, ‘Rainy Evening in Paris’, by Steven Kozar is simply mindblowing and speaks volumes about the artist's mastery over the medium and his attention to details. The wetness in the atmosphere and the mood of the calm rainy evening has been captured perfectly in this painting.

'Nepal Heritage' by Kudalayya Hiremath (India)

'Best plein-air painting' award
Kudalayya Hiremath  (India) for ‘Nepal Heritage’

Judges' remarks: ‘Nepal Heritage’, by Kudalayya Hiremath is an eye catching painting with .strong composition and freshness in textures. The artist has used the watercolor medium in a brilliant manner to capture the beauty of the location. 

‘Snowing Teeth’ by Yael Maimon (Israel)

'Best non-representational painting' award
Yael Maimon (Israel) for ‘Snowing Teeth’

Judges' remarks: ‘Snowing Teeth’, by Yael Maimon is an impactful painting with a mystery element to it.  The bold brush strokes and clever use of colors are making this painting further remarkable.

‘Pikes Market Piano Man’ by Pam Wenger (United States)

'Best of Painting That Tells A Story' award
Pam Wenger (United States) for ‘Pikes Market Piano Man’

Judges' remarks: This painting, ‘Pikes Market Piano Man’, by Pam Wenger is a masterful combination of watercolor techniques and powerful story. The expressions on the face of the piano man and on the other two faces in the background has been captured very well by the artist.

'Lights, Camera, Reflections' by David L. Stickel (United States)

'Pushing The Boundaries of Watercolors' award
David L. Stickel (United States) for ‘Lights, Camera, Reflections’

Judges' remarks: ‘Lights, Camera, Reflections’, by David L. Stickel is an incredible painting of a highly complex subject that seems to really push the boundaries of watercolor medium to the fullest. This painting speaks aloud of the artists mastery over the medium, accuracy in capturing finest of details, and high level of patience.

GAWA Juror's Merit Award ($100 + e-certificate)

'Tubbs Hill from Corbin Point' by Jessica Bryant (United States)

GAWA Juror's Merit Award
Jessica Bryant (United States) for ‘Tubbs Hill from Corbin Point’

Judges' remarks: Global Association of Watercolor Artists has announced this award especially for recognizing this highly impressive painting, ‘Tubbs Hill from Corbin Point’, by Jessica Bryant. All the other paintings submitted by the artist in this contest are equally remarkable and deserves special recognition.

'GAWA Special Recognition Awards for Upcoming Artists 
($100 + e-certificate each)

'Gleams of Sunshine' by Uday Bhan (India)

Most Versatile Upcoming Artist of The Year award
Uday Bhan (India) for ‘Gleams of Sunshine’

Judges' remarks: The painting 'Gleams of Sunshine' by Uday Bhan is a brilliant composition with lights and shadows. The variety in textures and the bold use of three primary colors in the background is making this painting further remarkable.

'Spring Riot' by Cathleen Savage (United States)

Judges Choice Award for Outstanding Composition
Cathleen Savage (United States) for ‘Spring Riot’

Judges' remarks: The composition of ‘Spring Riot’, by Cathleen Savage is truly outstanding which is making this painting impactful. The white bird over the dark textured background is looking very impressive. 

Kangkan Das (India)

Judges Choice Award for Technical Excellence
Kangkan Das (India) for ‘Eh. It's Sunday ….’

Judges' remarks: ‘Eh. It's Sunday ….’, by Kangkan Das is a highly impressive painting with a perfect combination of technical skills and compositional brilliance. The technical excellence of this painting makes it the most deserving one for this award.

‘Little Magician’ by Olga Sternyk (Ukraine)

Judges Choice Award for Originality of Concept
Olga Sternyk (Ukraine) for ‘Little Magician’

Judges' remarks: ‘Little Magician’, by Olga Sternyk clearly shows the artist's mastery over technical and compositional skills for achieving unique results using watercolors. The details in the boy's face and the contrassting texture on the rest of the areas of this painting is making it outstanding and most appropriate for winning this award.

50 E-Certificate Award Winners

Heartest congratulations to all the 66 winners!

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