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Natallia Valiukevich

Winner of GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship - 2018

 In spite of being totally new to the field of painting, Natallia Valiukevich accepted the challenge to learn watercolors all by herself and also managed to paint 96 impressive watercolor portraits in a few months. This is certainly an extraordinary achievement. Natallia's dedication, determination and willingness to accept challenges is an inspiration to many. With her positive attitude and hard work, she mastered the medium of watercolors in such a short span of time.  
Each of her watercolor portraits has got a unique soft glowing appeal to it and shows her fascination towards the medium. Her impressive works and caliber to excel make her a truly deserving candidate for winning GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award. This award will give her international exposure and financial support that is needed for her artistic growth.
- The Scholarship Jury Panel

Natallia Valiukevich has won

GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award (Senior Category)
Cash award $500 USD + Art Materials of worth $300 USD + Certificate

Art materials will include
Pure Pigment set in Mission Gold Watercolors (24 assorted colors)
Lana Aquarelle Watercolor Paper Block (4 sides glued, Rough, 10" x 14")
Escoda Versatile Synthetic Kolinsky Round brush
Escoda Ultimo Synthetic Squirrel MOP brush

How will I get benefited from winning GAWA Annual International Watercolor Scholarship award:

I would like to pursue watercolor painting as a career and need international exposure for my professional growth. So far I have not participated in any exhibitions due to lack of funds. I have participated only in a few contests. I would like to participate in international contests and exhibitions if I win the scholarship award.- Natallia Valiukevich

My background:
I was born in Belarus. I studied at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University to become an artist-teacher. After graduating from university, I worked in a printing house as a designer for several years. I did computer sketches for covers, labels, albums and many other printing products. Later, I quit my job and became a freelancer.
I studied three-dimensional programs on my own and worked in the computer games industry for 15 years. During this period I created lots of three-dimensional houses, monsters, ruins, and crumpled tanks. I happen to meet an excellent customer from the USA. For several years we restored old photos of American baseball players. 
How I started painting in watercolors:
My customer encouraged me to paint watercolor portraits of American baseball players. The field of painting itself was totally new to me then and painting portraits with watercolors seemed almost impossible. I agreed to the offer, I did not want to lose the job. I then forced myself to learn painting with watercolors. Within a few months, I made 96 excellent watercolor portraits for my customer and almost all of them were purchased by collectors. This is how I started painting with watercolor in June 2017. I would say that I did not choose watercolor painting but watercolor painting chose me.
My technique:
I paint using layered technique and apply thin layers of pure transparent colors on my work without mixing colors on a palette. This gives amazing results, which is possible only using watercolor painting.
Importance of painting to me:
Painting is an element that has a very powerful effect on a person. I do not need additional incentives for inspiration. I immerse myself in the process of painting using watercolors. It is amazing how I can feel joy and sorrows related to each character that I paint.

# Participated in the 2nd International Watercolor Online Contest ABU RAWASH PRIZE - 2018
# “What Does She See?” painting selected for the Fabriano Acquarello 2019 Exhibition
# “This Wheel Needs Repair!” painting included in the 2019 IWS Hungary Calendar
# Learned watercolor in few months and painted 96 watercolor portraits, almost all got purchased by collectors.

Natallia Valiukevich

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