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Ona Kingdon


Ona Kingdon is an elected member of the Canadian Society of Painters in Water Colour, and a signature member of both the National Watercolor Society and the Transparent Watercolor Society of America. She is also president of the Canadian Branch of the International Watercolor Society and is an IWS Globe Master Member.
Ona loves to focus on feeling or emotion when creating art and enjoys painting or drawing any subject matter that has an emotive element to it. Selecting a palette that is in keeping with the emotion or mood of each painting is also very important to her. Ona is a qualified teacher with over 20 years experience working with both children and adults. She is passionate not just about painting but educating too. Her goal is to increase awareness about the diversity of watercolour as a medium, to show others that you can create any effect or style you want if you embrace its dynamic qualities. 

The creative process is a metamorphosis of thought, of understanding, and most of all belief that your ideas are worth pursuing so don't be afraid of the process. Embrace it and enjoy it - Ona Kingdon

# Dorothy Corson Award CSPWC 93rd Open Water International Exhibition
# Zoltan Szabo Founders Award Transparent Watercolor Society of America 42nd National Exhibition
# Merit Award Louisiana Watercolor Society 48th International Exhibition
# First Place Award Pikes Peak International Watermedia 2017 Exhibition
# Honourable Mention 1st International Watercolor Magazine Online Contest
# People’s Choice Award Transparent Watercolor Society of America 40th National Exhibition
# National Watercolor Society Reciprocal Award Pennsylvania Watercolor Society’s 37th International Exhibition
# Cheap Joe’s Award NFWS 13th National Exhibition
# Weimer Congemi Memorial Award Louisiana Watercolor Society’s 46th International Exhibition
# Joan Wignall Young Award Mississippi Grand National Exhibition
# Canson Award Pikes Peak International Watermedia Exhibition 2015
# People’s Choice Award Transparent Watercolor Society of America 39th National Exhibition
# First Place Award NFWS 12th National Exhibition
# Curry’s Da Vinci Award in the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour 89th Open Water International Exhibition
# Winsor and Newton Award California Watercolor Association 44th National Exhibition
# Charles Strissel Memorial Award IWS 30th National Exhibition
# First Place Niagara Watercolor Society Spring Show 2014
# Best in Show BWS Impressions of the Heart Exhibition
# Donors Award at the Transparent Watercolor Society of America’s 37th National Exhibition
# The Strathmore Artist Papers Award at the 4th annual Signature American Watermedia Exhibition.
# Merit Award at the Louisiana Watercolor Society 43rd International Exhibition
# The Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff Award’ at the Watercolor West 44th International Juried Exhibition
# John Singer Sargent Award 36th TWSA Exhibition
# The Framing Depot Gold Award for Best in Show and People’s Choice Award BWS Luminosity Exhibition
# Jade Fon Memorial Award California Watercolor Association 42nd National Exhibition
# Honorable Mention Pikes Peak Watercolor Society International Watermedia XV11 Exhibition

# Due to be featured in Splash 20 ( publish date July 2019)
# Featured in Splash 19 Published June 2018 North Light Books
# Featured in the International Watercolor magazine issue 3 published December 2017
# TENDERHEART-TED TALES written and illustrated by Ona Kingdon (Published September 2016)
# Featured in North Light Books strokes of Genius 9
# Cover image Art Journey Animals North Light Books
# Featured in International Watercolor Artists Book 2 Published April 2015
# Featured in North Light Books Splash 16: The Best of Watercolour
# Featured in Strokes of Genius 7: The Best of Drawing
# Featured in The International Watercolour Society 2014 catalogue
#Featured in North Light Books Splash 15 and Strokes of Genius 6
# Feature Article in the Art of Watercolour Magazine Issue 12
# Selected as one of the Watercolor Artist Magazine 2012 ‘One’s to Watch’ and featured in the December 2012 issue

Ona Kingdon




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