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GAWA is all about
Empowerment of Watercolor Artists

Global Association of Watercolor Artists (GAWA) is a non-profit international organization founded in January 2018 by Meeta Dani, an international watercolor artist from India. The sole purpose behind forming this organization is to provide an unbiased international platform for supporting watercolor artists of all levels across 120 countries around the world, to help them grow and advance in their artistic career.

Our Core Values

GAWA believes in maintaining an exceptionally high standard in all its activities which includes conducting international contests, exhibitions, workshops, and providing online services for the benefit of watercolor artists of all levels.

GAWA's mission is to support watercolor artists across the world. The leaders of the organization are committed towards this mission and make every possible effort that benefits the artists community.

The leaders of GAWA works as a single team and consider themselves as a part of every event conducted by the organization irrespective of the physical location of the event.

Every leader and member of GAWA are responsible in one or many ways towards the organization's mission. Everyone here understands their responsibility and provides necessary support towards upliftment of watercolor artists.

About GAWA Services

GAWA conducts physical workshops, demonstrations, contests, exhibitions, and art festivals to promote watercolor art and artists on an international level. Apart from physical events, GAWA also provides a variety of online services to fulfill the needs of artists of all levels and help them grow and make progress in their artistic career. This includes providing a friendly, secure and motivating artists community, member forums, online workshops, library, painting gallery, online shop, and much more.


Artist and author, Meeta Dani, is completely self-taught and specialize painting in hyper-realistic style using watercolors.

Prafull Sawant is a world renowned watercolor artist who has long been considered as one of the foremost realistic artists in the world.

Hemant Kumar is a graphic design engineer by profession and a famous wildlife photographer with a deep passion in watercolor painting.

Rajesh Sawant is an Internationally renowned award winning artist who has mastered painting in watercolor, oil and acrylic mediums.

Neelesh Dani is a software engineer by profession and is actively associated with not-for-profit and charitable organizations towards social causes.


Neelesh Dani

Neelesh Dani 

Director of GAWA

Hemant Kumar

Hemant Kumar

Director of GAWA &
Global Creative Head

Krasi Todorov

Krasi Todorov

Director of GAWA &
Country Leader of Bulgaria




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